As I go through my WordPress development, I thought it may be worth writing some posts about what I discover along the way. This first post is just an explanation of the environment I’ve set up for myself and how I did it. If nothing else, this is useful for me to backtrack errors!

Domain setup
On my domain host, I have an A subdomain record “*”, pointing to Constantine’s IP address ( This ensures that [anything] goes to the server, where it is resolved (hopefully).

ISPManager setup
I created a new WWW domain “”, with the intention that every site would be a subdomain of this. Initially, I tried the “auto subdomain” settings but they weren’t really doing what I wanted so I editted the VirtualHost record in hosts.conf to include “ServerAlias *”. Now every subdomain of wp points towards the root directory, where WordPress is waiting.

Installing WordPress
The WordPress Codex page about this was fantastically useful! I just followed their instructions and those on screen to set up the Network. The fact that you only need to install the standard WordPress package and can then quickly turn it into a Multisite setup is, frankly, incredible.

Configuring the server
Back server-side, I needed to make the /wp-content and /wp-content/blogs.dir directories writable by apache (which is just an ownership change). I also had the change the config and htaccess files as requested.

With multiple blogs, all with different users, I can foresee the administration of this having interesting issues (See future posts!). That said, the Network Admin section looks to contain a lot of indexes (like all users across the network), so it may be easier than I expect.

I look forward to telling you more about my Multisite adventures soon!